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What we do


  • Help leaders plan, navigate, coordinate and control their response to crises

  • Triage and prioritise different stakeholder threats

  • Enable leaders to retain or regain control


Investigations and inquiries

  • Conduct Investigations and Inquiries, reporting privately or publicly


Regulatory problems and prosecutions

  • Advise and support leaders on conduct or governance problems facing investigation or prosecution

  • Provide strategic advice on issues around culture, behaviours, ethics and compliance

  • Liaise with regulators and prosecutors to manage problems, including advice on contemplating and negotiating Deferred Prosecution Agreements


Strategy and Board Assurance

  • Working with leaders to provide strategic and tactical advice

  • Assure leaders (and other parties) that necessary action is being taken and is delivering results

Why us?

  • We provide insight based on experience of many crises and stressful situations

  • We are very focused on outcomes and success for our clients, not simply process

  • We provide discreet counsel on how to manage the problem

  • Our service is a personal one - we lead all of our engagements and work only with a small senior team

  • Our approach is to complement and work alongside our clients and their existing advisors

  • We are not prescriptive – each situation is different and we work to suit our clients’ needs

  • Our advice is fiercely independent, objective and uncluttered - we are courteous but direct

Recent experience

Our Principals' recent experience includes:


  • Advising the Board of Rolls Royce plc on ethics and governance

  • Advising the Board of Airbus on ethics and governance


  • Advising the Chairman of a global professional services business on fallout from the ‘Gupta scandal’ in South Africa


  • Advising international businesses on corruption issues


  • Conducting independent inquiries including into circumstances leading to Xavier Rolet’s departure as CEO of the London Stock Exchange Group

  • Advising a UHNW family and group of multi-national businesses


  • Advising a Government department on its investigation into, and remediation of, conduct issues

  • Advising a quoted company on strategic and tactical issues in response to class actions


  • Assisting a major shareholder in a high profile ‘activist’ situation


  • Providing assurance to a Government department on governance and compliance of a major supplier


  • Advising minority shareholders following collapse of confidence in management of a quoted mining company

  • Advising in relation to the Government inquiry into Greensill and the company's collapse

  • Providing strategic advice to ENRC in its claims against Dechert and the SFO

  • Conducting a review for EY of its decision not to proceed with Project Everest, a plan to separate the EY businesses

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